Tips and Tricks

  • if you don’t have a rolling-pin, an empty wine bottle will do the trick. or a full wine bottle for that matter, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, it will likely be empty. other long, slender bottles will also work: vodka, rum, etc.
  • when making buttercream icing, incorporating the sugar by hand with a wooden spoon or spatula will result in a smoother frosting with fewer air bubbles
  • adding food colouring to dough or batter is an easy way to make your treats stand out without the bother of frosting. concentrated colourants like gel food colouring work best because they don’t add too much liquid.
  • don’t feel the need to make everything from scratch. cake mixes are delicious, and will save you soooo much time. they can also be less expensive than scratch ingredients. if you want to add flavour or other ingredients to your mix, make sure that you balance out the wet and the dry to maintain the same consistency.
  • parchment paper is your friend. potentially your best friend. lining baking sheets with parchment means that you don’t have to grease your pans, or suffer through tedious scrubbing, but if a recipe specifically asks you to place items directly onto the baking sheet you should probably listen.
  • when working with chilled cookie dough, your first roll will likely have lots of cracks in it. feel free to re-roll the dough until it is crack free. you don’t have to worry about overworking like you do with pastry dough.
  • when portioning out batter for cupcakes, use a cookie scoop if you have one. 2 ounces of batter will make the perfect dome on your cupcake, so I use 2 scoopfuls of my 1 ounce scoop (if you have a large cookie scoop, just use 1 scoopful). this trick makes for much less mess, and your cupcakes/muffins will be evenly sized.

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