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Lime Jello Shooters

Hosting parties, particularly theme parties, is one of my favourite pastimes. I can spend hours thinking of creative ways to incorporate a theme into every aspect of an event. So you can imagine that when my roommate announced her intention to celebrate her 23rd birthday coconut-lime style, my mind was reeling. Oh the possibilities! These next two posts are a couple of the ways we infused the party with her favourite flavours. These shooters are super easy to make and look totally cute. You’ll need:

  • 15 limes
  • 2 boxes of lime jello (we used sugar-free)
  • a mickey of vodka (we used lime flavour)
  • egg cartons

First, cut your limes in half, and then cut around the inside edge between the pulp and the pith. Now is the time to squeeze out any juice if you plan to save it (it will come in handy if you plan to make the lime curd in my next post).

Then, take a spoon, and scrape around the cut you made. You can be fairly aggressive without harming your precious limes. Try to get out as much pulp as possible. Then rinse your empty limes, and settle them into an egg carton. You can use the egg shelf in your fridge door like we did, but be super careful when you open/close it.

Now to make the jello. Follow the recipe on the box, substituting your vodka for 1.5 of the 2 cups of cold water. Pour the liquid jello into your limes very slowly until it just reaches the rim, and put them in the fridge to set.

Once the jello has set, it will be firm enough to move your limes around without too much difficulty. Be sure to give the jello enough time to set before your party, but don’t make them too far in advance or the jello will take on the bitterness of the rind.Keep them refrigerated right up until you serve them.

The limes will stay a bit squishy, so you can slurp the jello right out of them. You can also make a kid-friendly version without the vodka for a fun party snack. Yum! Now that’s what I call lime jello!

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