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Simpsons Cake Pops

If you’re active in the food blogging universe, then you’ve probably heard of Bakerella and her famous Cakepops. The bitesize treats that she invented are essentially candy coated cake on a stick, and have been adapted by Bakerella and her followers to look like everything from Reindeer to Robots. They have become so popular that Bakerella  published a Cakepops book full of recipes and decorating ideas. Even Starbucks is on board, and recently started selling the snacks as part of the Starbucks Petits line. I took my first shot at Cakepoppery this past November in honour of my friend Lisa’s birthday. She is also a fan of Bakerella, and an even bigger fan of The Simpsons. As part of her Simpsons theme party, I constructed these pops to resemble each of the five main Simpsons characters. Here’s how:

Follow the basic Cakepop recipe at this link, using white cake and icing so it doesn’t show through the yellow coating: http://www.bakerella.com/hope-these-put-a-smile-on-your-face/

You will also need:

  • yellow gel food colouring
  • 1 pkg white chocolate chips
  • 1 cup sunflower seeds (preferably candy coated, but regular will do)
  • 3 mini candy soothers
  • 1/4 cup red and green coated mini chocolate chips
  • 1 piece black string licorice
  • 1 small pkg marzipan
  • black edible marker or non-toxic marker
  • blue gel food colouring
  • 3 mini icecream cones
  • 1 can white icing
  • white royal icing (or candy eyes if you can find them)

So, I only made 15 of these guys, because they were really finicky and time consuming. If you want to make more, you will likely have enough ingredients, but you may have to eyeball it. First, make your pops according to Bakerella’s recipe, but before dipping in your candy coating, follow these instructions.  You may find it helpful to add a bit of melted chocolate to your decorations before adding them to make them stick.

Homer (x3) : roll your pop out to elongate it into a more oval shape. Stick a sunflower seed, pointy side in, into the middle of the head for a nose. Stick two more on either side of the head for ears.

Marge (x3) : Elongate the head into an oval, and sculpt the jaw into the classic Simpson overbite. Stick a sunflower seed just above the upper lip for her nose, and two more on either side of the head for ears.

Bart (x3) : Repeat what you just did for Marge. Then, flatten his crown and stick sunflower seeds, pointy side out in a circle around the top of his head.

Maggie (x3) : Keep the head round, and stick white chocolate chips all over the back of her head up to her hairline to create a spiky effect. Add a sunflower seed nose, and ears.

Lisa (x3) : Keeping her head round, create an overbite by sculpting her upper lip. Add a sunflower seed nose and ears, and repeat what you did with Maggie’s hair to get the same effect.

When you are done creating the structure for your characters, chill them in the freezer for 1/2 hour. Prepare your candy melts as directed by Bakerella, and add yellow gel food colouring until you achieve the desired shade. It is essential that you use gel, because liquid colouring can affect your chocolate. I found it helpful to add a few teaspoons of vegetable oil to my chocolate to thin it out for dipping, but this is up to your discretion. If you thin your chocolate too much, the cake underneath will show through. Dip your characters, and set them upright to dry in a block of styrafoam, or something similar. Once the chocolate has hardened, you’re ready to decorate.

Homer (x3) : Shape an oval out of marzipan, and adhere it to his mouth area using yellow chocolate. Draw on a smile , and add a zigzag line around the back of his head for hair. Cut little bits of hair for the top of his head from your black licorice, and stick them on using yellow chocolate.  Pipe on white royal icing for eyes, and once it is dry, colour in black pupils using your marker. If you were able to find premade eyes, just stick them on with a dab of yellow chocolate.

Marge (x3) : Draw on a smile  with black marker. Adhere red coated chocolate chips around the base of her head for her necklace. Mix blue gel colouring into your canned frosting until it reaches the desired colour, and use a bit to stick an upturned mini cone onto her head. Using a round tip, pipe the cone liberally with blue icing. Be careful to keep the cone upright until the icing  hardens, or it will slide.  Pipe on white royal icing for eyes, and once it is dry, colour in black pupils using your marker.

Bart (x3) : Draw on a smile with black marker.  Pipe on white royal icing for eyes, and once it is dry, colour in black pupils using your marker.

Maggie (x3) : Stick a candy pacifier onto her mouth area using yellow chocolate.  Pipe on white royal icing for eyes, and once it is dry, colour in black pupils using your marker.

Lisa (x3) : Draw on a smile with black marker. Adhere green candy coated chips around the base of her head with yellow chocolate to create a necklace.  Pipe on white royal icing for eyes, and once it is dry, colour in black pupils using your marker.


  • when dipping Maggie and Lisa, be extra careful to shake off excess around their spiky hair to add definition
  • if your noses aren’t defined enough because there is too much chocolate coating around them, you can outline the bottom with marker to add definition
  • If you are using candy coated sunflower seeds, try to use light colours like yellow or orange, so they don’t show through the chocolate
  • if you can’t find an edible marker, just use a regular non-toxic marker, but be aware that it will probably get ruined in the sugar
  • piping the eyes can be difficult, so keep your eyes (haha)  peeled for sugar eyes which can occasionally be found at Michael’s or Bulkbarn. You can also find them online if you really want to.
  • feel free to play around with the colours of your accessories depending on what you can find, your pops don’t have to match the characters identically

Have fun making these treats! Make sure you set aside a good chunk of time before you start, because it is a long process. If you have any questions, leave a comment, and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my knowlege.


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