DIY Colourful Coasters

Day 5 is bringing you another thrifty handmade gift. This one is super easy, so even kids can get involved. I’ve had this idea in my mind bank for over a year, and holiday gifting gave me the extra push I needed to put it together. It’s based on a craft that I LOVED as a kid. Do these things look familiar?

I grew up calling them ‘Hama’ beads, but it seems like the ‘Perler’ brand has taken over. I guess a lot can happen in 20 years. You can find them at most craft stores, but believe it or not, IKEA sells them for way less! You’ll need some of these, as well as little peg boards (the green things in the photo below), some waxed paper, an iron, and some sticky backed craft foam (if you can’t find adhesive craft foam, you can attach it with double sided tape or glue).

Work out a design on your peg board. When it’s finished, carefully place a sheet of waxed paper on top (waxy side down), and iron it on medium heat for about 20 seconds. Slowly peel back the paper, and tip the disc off of the pegs. The heat from the iron melts the plastic beads together.

When you’ve finished ironing all of your coasters, stick them, ironed side down, onto the sticky side of your craft foam. Cut the foam around the coasters with a pair of small scissors. Make as many as you’d like, and try out lots of different patterns. The finished product has a fun, kitschy, retro feel, and makes a great addition to a funky apartment.

A few tips: when you move the boards around before ironing them, use EXTREME caution. Picking up these tiny beads from the floor is a nightmare! Also, keep an eye on the beads as they’re melting. You want them to be fused together, but not over melted.

Happy crafting!


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  1. Katherine

    These are great! Perfect way to get the kids involved too.

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