Food Crush: PC Cran/Raz Greek Yogurt

I go through phases where I become so completely obsessed with a food that I eat it to death. Right now, I am majorly crushing on: President’s Choice Cranberry & Raspberry Fruit on the Bottom 2% Greek Yogurt

I have been on a greek yogurt kick for the past few months, but this stuff totally kicks it up a notch. It’s indulgently rich and creamy, and the fruit bottom topping adds the perfect amount of sweet to  the tart yogurt. It’s also less expensive than a lot of other greek yogurts, so bonus there.

It is particularly delicious with a little bit of warm fruit compote on top. Just take some ripe fruit, chop it into little bits, and simmer it on the stove with a few spoonfuls of sugar. When it thickens up a bit, let it cool and spoon a few mouthfuls over your yogurt. The contrast between hot and cold is unbelievable.


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