RWoP Hit Toronto!

The Real Women of Philadelphia have landed in Toronto, and we are having a blast. Last night we had a lovely dinner at The Counter at The Thompson hotel. Today we headed off to the infamous Kraft kitchens to prepare our recipes and present them to the judges. So far everything has been unreal. The Kraft kitchens are beautiful, and all of the staff involved with RWoP have made the experience so comfortable and welcoming. It has been surreal meeting all of the women that I have come to know and love at Here are some photos of our time here so far.

I brought homemade sugar cookie oven mitts, and Lisa made lavender bath salts for everyone.

Miriam brought adorable whisks for us!

Here I am prepping my workspace

Take a look at the kitchen where Miriam and I worked our magic!


Here’s the judging room:

Lisa getting her cook on

Candice and Laurie are getting accquainted with their surroundings.

And finally happy birthday to Mandy, celebrating her 24th at the Kraft kitchen!



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13 responses to “RWoP Hit Toronto!

  1. Em

    so fun!!! your hair looks great :). write more updates soon!

  2. Laura

    Wow Elise! It looks very exciting and that you are having a great time! Those oven mitt cookies are adorable! Looking forward to seeing you soon in person!

  3. Em

    mmmm cookies….

  4. Thanks guys! Can’t wait to see you at the reception on Wednesday, and for you to meet Anna in person. She’s lovely!

  5. Thanks Elise – great shots capturing some wonderful Philly moments 😉
    Good luck Elise.

  6. Beautiful blog – love the updates and new look 😉

  7. Marlies

    Thanks so much for the photos Elise – what a treat.I love this site – really cute!
    All the best to you!


  8. Brianna

    Thanks for the great photos Elise – looking forward to the dinner tomorrow where I’ll get to meet you and the other finalists!!

  9. Thanks for the update! So cool to see the test kitchens! Good luck and hopefully we’ll meet tomorrow =)

  10. I just love love love this girl!!! So proud!! Missing you already but know you are having the time of your life. Go get’em kiddo

  11. ps – I loved meeting your sweet fam…..

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